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    A new works of Glee’s producer married the new FX television network 2011-7-22 14:29:24

    FX television network announced officially that they had bought American Horror Story, a new works of Ryan Murphy, who used to be the planner of Glee. It is understood that the hero of this drama Ben Harmon was a doctor at first, then forced to move to San Francisco with his wife Vivien and his family because of a big mistake, but the home is also not peaceful.

    American Horror Story is the first  series works of Murphy after Glee. He told reporters: It had great difference with that musical play of Fox. “I think this is a great TV series, because I have never seen this kind of work.” he said. “Although this is a horror series, this drama is very unique, it reveals many aspects we fear about in the current American society. “

    There is a rule in the screenwriter’s room that we need to explore the things we fill fear, the scary degree also has its strengths and weaknesses," Murphy said. “This is a drama about fear, very cool, very interesting, and rich of the flavor of times, I love it.”

    American Horror Story  is starred by our old acquaintance Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton. The former had starred in Dark Blue, a gangster drama of TNT, the latter had starred in Friday Night Lights , an inspirational youth drama of NBC, and also won the best actress nominations of Emmy classified by drama due to this film.

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