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    Once Upon a Time: Returns, Green Funds, Happy End ... What do we want to see in the finale of the fairy series? 2018-4-19 15:38:07

    Once Upon a Time

    In just one month, we will be there: it is indeed on 18 May that ABC will close the book of Tales of Once Upon a Time opened in October 2011,and whose channel will have traveled the pages for seven seasons.Conceived as a semi-reboot, the last is far from being shameful, but not so exciting so far.It might have been better to close the story of Emma Swan and then start all over again in a few years, which is not to be excluded. But in the meantime, the series is about to say goodbye, and here's what we'd like to see in the 156th and last episode.


    Especially Emma. The Elect, the one with whom we discovered Storybrooke and its inhabitants in October 2011. Sometimes annoying, the heroine played by Jennifer Morrison left the series at the very beginning of the seventh and last season, and we feel that something is missing. Or rather someone. And she is not the only one, because the absences of Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin), his Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) or Robin (Sean Maguire) weigh more than imagined. But good news: their returns have already been formalized for this final.


    And they won't be alone since Henry Mills will return in a young version, alongside the Villains Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) and Cruella (Victoria Smurfit), Ariel (Joanna Garcia), Grumpy (Lee Arenberg) or still Belle (Emilie De Ravin), who had Participated in the beginning of season 7 before making his temporary farewell the time of a touching episode. All that is missing is the characters who have disappeared without leaving a trace (Dr. Whale incarnated by David Anders in the lead), and the account will be almost good in this area.

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