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    Gotham: Has the identity of the Joker finally been revealed? 2018-4-8 11:25:39

    The trailer of the last episode of "Gotham", aired last night on the FOX, announced the revelation of the identity of the "real" Joker. Has the promise been kept?We expected to discover the identity of the "real" Joker, and in this the last episode of season 4 Gotham has not kept all its promises. While the psychopath Jerome Valeska was following in the footsteps of a mysterious character named Xander Wilde, the parallel investigation led by James Gordon and Harvey Bullock allowed them to meet the newcomer to the series ... which is none other than Jeremiah Valeska, Jerome's twin brother.


    His intelligence being matched only by the cruelty of his brother. Nothing is less certain whereas a few weeks ago, American media relayed the information that Jerome Valeska would not be the Joker, but that the latter will however be played by the same interpreter, Cameron Monaghan.


    There is little doubt that Jeremiah Valeska will indeed be the future Joker, but now remains to know what elements will tip him to the side of madness, provided of course that he is not already playing a game. double-dealing. Perhaps, for example, the hilarious gas developed by the Scarecrow in the final seconds of the episode will help him get on track?

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