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    Game of Thrones: Sean Bean clears a mystery around Ned Stark 2018-3-16 11:34:04

    But what were the last words whispered by Ned Stark before his execution in season 1 of "Game of Thrones"? In an interview for the Huffington Post, Sean Bean answered the question that the fans were asking...


    Remember... That was seven years ago. Game of Thrones took its first steps on HBO, the Lannisters fomented their first plots, the Dragons of Daenerys were not yet born, and we were all persuaded that the great hero of the series was Ned Stark. Until episode 9 of season 1, the first real big surprise of Game of Thrones, which was just beginning to take our breath away.


    Betrayed by Littlefinger and sentenced to death by the whims of Joffrey Baratheon/Lannister, the patriarch of the Stark, ex-hand of the king, had been taken to the place of the sept of Baelor, accused of treason and beheaded with his own sword. Just before losing his head, Ned Stark whispered some unintelligible words for the Spectator, and that has since remained a great enigma for all the fans.


    "I could not be really precise, because I do not know if religion was very present at that time, whatever it is," he explained.  "I just said, ' What would you do if this was really happening to you? ' I probably would have prayed. I probably would have whispered a few words before I stayed silent. I would have kept this for myself. It is quite subtle and many people have not noticed it. It was something interesting to do for me at that point. There is not much you can do, you have your head on a block. The only thing you can do is whisper."

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