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    Grey's Anatomy: the departures of Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew? 2018-3-12 14:23:45

    Grey's Anatomy: the departures of Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew?

    Grey's Anatomy fans are in turmoil around the world, following the announcement of the departure of two emblematic figures from the series at the end of the 14th season. Which side are you in?


    When we think that Grey's anatomy is a real warrior series that survived the departures of Katherine Heigl (Izzie), T.R. Knight (George), Sandra Oh (Cristina) and Patrick Dempsey (Derek), four central figures of the beginning (and we don't forget Eric Dane either , Chyler Leigh and Sara Ramirez), it is said that Jessica Capshaw (Arizona) and Sarah Drew (April), who arrived in season 5 and Season 6 respectively, will not miss us that much. Of course, we'll be sad to see them leave at the moment, but nothing that could endanger the series in the long run. On the contrary, it promises an end of season 14 strong in emotions and that is also why we love it and that it is faithful: she knows how to tear our heart like no other.


    In addition, the screenwriters clearly do not know what to do in Arizona,It would be almost a relief to give a worthy conclusion to this character that one has loved so much and who does not deserve to be content to make figuration. As for April, which has come a lot of dramas in recent years,it also seems to arrive at the end of the course while it is at the center of the most recent episodes. His history with Jackson has already seen too many twists and turns to continue with dignity.


    It has always worked the same way: A well-proven mix of new starts and blood that has allowed it to manage the years better than a certain emergency. We can salute the courage of the writers and wish the best actresses who will certainly rebound.

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