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    IZombie: You're not watching the show? You're wrong! 2018-3-5 11:58:04

    IZombie: You're not watching the show? You're wrong!

    Season 4 of "IZombie" began this Monday, February 26th on the CW. And if you're not one of his televiewers, or even his fans, you're told why you'd be wrong not to get into it. Even now.


    The series of Rob Thomas has already done better than Veronica Mars, her previous baby, who had not gone beyond season 3. Adapted from comic books published by DC Comics ' Vertigo since 2010, the series Fantastico-Police has made its comeback on the CW this Monday 26 February, in good shape despite the pale complexion of its heroine, and for the greater happiness of those who have clung after the Prem Iers episodes, fun if not totally captivating. If you are one of those who have quickly abandoned, or you have never started, know that it is not too late to catch up. And it's even highly recommended.


    You have guessed it in the title. Like dead Set, Z Nation or The Walking Dead and his prequel/spin-off, IZombie participates in this television mode of the undead on small screen, which does not seem to falter. But in his own way. Here, no rotting of the flesh, of festival of the tripe to the air or even of post-apocalyptic world (not yet at least),  because zombies live almost incognito among normal humans at first. Still endowed with speech and conscience, they are recognizable only to their paleness, hair whitening and an irrepressible craving for brains, which makes them enter into a mad and uncontrollable rage in case of lack, to better calm down their Impulse quenched once more .


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