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    Once Upon A Time: The Disney series is cancelled after 7 seasons 2018-2-8 11:32:25

    Once Upon A Time

    ABC has just taken the decision to cancel its once upon A Time series after 7 seasons. The reboot that was supposed to revive it did not take to the audience, the hearings had become abyssal...


    "They were happy and had many children..." The time has come to say farewell to the princes and princesses of Disney tales in the sauce Greens and Canadian forest: Despite a frankly desperate attempt to revive the series through a reboot, ABC decided to put an end to its series Once Upon a Time after 7 seasons.


    A decision motivated by the hearings of course, became abyssal since the passage of the series to Friday night and the loss of several of its main actors, starting with Jennifer Morrison and Ginnifer Goodwin aka Snow White. While season 1 gathered nearly 12 million viewers every Sunday evening on ABC, the 7th and now last reached painfully the 4 million, certainly in a very different context. A new one that should therefore delight most of the fans, who felt that she had become more than the shadow of herself.


    Thanks to this announcement that comes when the filming is not finished, the creators will be able to prepare an end worthy of the name; They also acknowledged in an interview with EW that they expected this cancellation and had already begun to think about it for a few weeks. They also promise that several historical characters will return for the final episode, which is scheduled for the month of May.

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