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    South Park: 15 incredible things to know about the cult series 2018-1-29 17:55:58

    South Park

    While season 20 of "South Park", broadcast for the first time in VF on Game One, starts tonight, back on 15 incredible stories about the series of Matt Stone and Trey Parker ...


    Liane Cartman, Eric's single mom who chained the sexual partners, has the same name as Trey Parker's ex-girlfriend, who made the mistake of cheating him and found himself mentioned in the series in a very unflattering way. It should also be recalled that Kyle's family members have the same names as Matt Stone's relatives, and that Stan's family names match those of Trey Parker.


    As for Kenny, Parker created it inspired by a classmate of the same name wearing an orange anorak, which came from a disadvantaged family, and never understood when he spoke. His repeated absences at school had led his friends to imagine that he had dead.


    In episode 4 of season 10 (Cartoon Wars 2), the creators of South Park slipped a small cleat to to those of Griffin imagining that the gags of their series were written with manatees selecting balls ideas.This episode, in which Cartman was teaming up with a certain Bart, greatly pleased Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, who sent Parker and Stone a thank-you for sending flowers.

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