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    This is Us Season 2: Do we finally know how Jack died? 2018-1-25 12:20:30

    This is Us-Season 2

    Aired last night on NBC, the 13th episode of "This is Us" Season 2 reveals the exact circumstances of Jack's death. Explanations.


    When this is Us starts on the small screen, just over a year ago, we learn very quickly that the pater familias Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) will die prematurely. The double temporality of the series will have allowed the scriptwriters to postpone this moment, leaving the fans all the time to speculate on the origin of the death. Did he die as a result of a car accident? Did he succumb to his alcoholism? How the hell is Jack going to die? And when? These are, in essence, the questions that animate the fans at all times.


    Episode 13 of Season 2, aired last night on NBC, cut short on all the theories on the subject: Jack is well dead as a result of a fire, which has declared himself because... of a poorly extinguished electric slow cooker.


    In the final scene of episode 12, the plan on the fire alarm suggested an upcoming drama. Especially since at the beginning of Season 2, we saw Rebecca (Mandy Moore) melt in tears before the rubble of a house (her house?) burned down. The few clues scattered here and there were nothing of a false track.The focus of the Pearson has been devoured by the flames.

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