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    American Crime Story Versace: The True Story That Inspired Season 2 2018-1-22 14:18:47

    American Crime Story

    The "American Crime Story" Season 2, broadcast in the US since Wednesday,talks about Andrew Cunanan's assassination of fashion designer Gianni Versace and the series of murders he committed. Back on a story that has hit the headlines in 1997.


    July 15, 1997, Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. The fashion designer Gianni Versace, 50 years old, feels particularly fit and leaves on foot from his home to have breakfast at the terrace of News Café,a few blocks from her villa, Casa Cuarina. He buys an Italian newspaper, Vogue and several magazines. Usually it is one of the house employees who is in charge of buying the newspapers, but not that morning.


    When he goes home, it is still early, about 8:45. Arriving in front of the immense property, he puts the key in the gate lock. This is where a man shoots two bullets in his head with a 40 caliber pistol, at close range, in the left cheek and behind the right ear, disfiguring his victim. The noise alerted Versace's companion, Antonio de Amico, and the house employees, who travelled to his bedside and called for help. However, it is already too late and the designer dies quickly from his wounds.


    His last murder will be that of Gianni Versace, more than two months after the four other murders. The motive remains a mystery, because the two men probably did not know each other personally. Cunanan admitted to friends that he had been to Gianni Versace, having worked with him in the past, but there is no concrete evidence to corroborate his statements. One thing is for sure, the young man idolizes the Italian designer.

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