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    Tonight is the finale of "The Office"! The actors say goodbye ... 2013-5-17 11:25:47

    the office

    The NBC broadcast this Thursday, May 16th the Final Series of comedy The office. Simply called "Finale" should book a few surprises for fans ...

    It is this Thursday, May 16, 2013 that ends the television adventure The Office. The final episode of the comedy is simply called "Finale" ...

    Launched March on 24, 2005 at NBC, the series was a few months later crowned "Best Comic Series" Emmy. It is a monument of television laugh thus closes tonight. In anticipation of the liquidation, the actors paid tribute to their show in two short videos named "The Office Cast Says Farewell".

    Is Steve Carell, aka Michael "World's Best Boss" Scott comes? Watch them to know ...

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