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    Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee has baby 2013-1-14 10:40:46

    Ryan Murphy, creator of "Glee" has just posted a photo of her son Logan, who is just over a week. That filled a father ...


    A beautiful little baby. Ryan Murphy, the creator of "Glee" just released on Twitter a photo of her son, Logan, was born on December 24. "Thank you everyone for your kind wishes. Logan did a week and he's fine. Good year," he commented. In the photo, the little darling, wrapped in a blanket embroidered with his name - it measures 53 cm and weighs 2.7 kg - seems already awake.


    Logan was the first child of Ryan Murphy. The father of "Nip / Tuck", "American horror story" and more recently "normal", and her husband, photographer David Miller - they say "yes" in July called for a replacement mother world. The filmmaker has never hidden his desire to fatherhood. "I am 46 years old and I told myself that if I did not now, I would never do it and I regret it," said Ryan Murphy, who had an education "tumultuous" magazine "Vogue". That's a year that begins on hubcaps. The two men decide they expand the family? One thing is certain, Logan will surely love. Until the release of his new film "The Normal Heart", scheduled for 2014 current, Ryan Murphy has well devote himself entirely to his toddler.Buy Glee Season 4 DVD Boxset

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