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    Chuck: There will be new trends in the fifth season 2011-7-24 10:36:25

    chuckNBC’s spy action drama Chuck is about to end after the broadcasting of the 13th episode of  the fifth season, but Chris Fedak ,the co-planner said it was not a bad thing to know the play is about to end , because we had  a chance to make the loyal audiences had been chasing us a  long way a satisfied finale.


    We witnessed Chuck and Sarah stepped into the marriage hall at end of the fourth season, knew that they had bought the “Addition of Buying”, preparing   to run their own spy company. Meanwhile, fool Moegan installed Interconnected system for himself  inadvertently——Chuck had just got rid of this annoying thing. What will happen next?


    Morgan is a super lover of Interconnected system, he has always been a tantony pig of Chuck, and ambitious to become a great spy. Now having the interconnected system by accident naturally makes fool Morgan ecstatic, but Chuck is not particularly pleased.


    Family is the most important, we know that 007 has no family and it seems that super-heroes almost have no family, Chuck(Chuck DVD Boxset) may be very different. Although he has established a private spy company, he will not put his family, his sister, brother-in-law and little niece aside. Casey was very unhappy about this arrangement at the end of the last season, and often made trouble for Morgan. Morgan has got an interconnected system after the fifth season, which makes the situation more complicated. However, Casey has to deal with fatherly love, friendship, affection and all aspects that he had little contact with before, so it is not a light burden for this unyielding military.


    The fifth season of Chuck will return on October 21

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