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    Predictions of Emmy Nominations ,old pattern will remain unchanged 2011-7-21 10:44:33

    emmy nominationsThis Thursday Emmy nominations will be announced, although the reality is often surprising, Maureen Ryan, a critic of AOL TV, still released the finalists nominated TV works and performers according to his speculation, combined his own experiences and the reality trend.


    Marui En thought that in the unit of comedies and drama series would maintain the old patterns as in previous years. While in the Best Actress unit, Elizabeth Moss switched into a major role in the fourth quarter of “Mad Men", was outstanding enough to win the Emmy. The Best Actress of comedy unit , Marui En are more inclined Amy Poller to win .The Best Actors in the comedy category, Karel  in  "Office" and Mike Hal in "Community" win a fight.


    The Best Feature:

    Boardwalk Empire
    The Good Wife
    Mad Men
    True Blood
    The Walking Dead
    The Best Comedies

    30 Rock
    The Big Bang Theory
    Modern Family
    Nurse Jackie
    The Office

    Keyword:The Good Wife,Mad Men,30 rock,the big bang theory
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