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    Enjoy The Apprentice With your DVD boxset 2018-11-29 12:05:36

    The Apprentice is an American TV reality show in which groups of participants are judged on the basis of their business skills. This reality show was started in January 2004 at NBC by an American television producer Mark Burnett. This reality show consists of fifteen seasons that are available in different formats. While the first fourteen episodes were hosted by a real estate tycoon Donald Trump. After that, he declared his candidacy for the American presidency and won the elections. Now he is the president of United States of America.


    In this show, fourteen to eighteen people are elected that compete according to the course of a season. One participant eliminated per episode that could not properly compete with other participants and got the lowest score.

    At the start of the season, contestants are divided into two groups having one member as a project manager in both teams for each new task. They have to perform business-related tasks like product selling, fundraising for charity, or establishing an advertising campaign. The team that has better performance on the task is announced as the winner on the base of objective measure monitored by the host and his advisors. While the losing team meets with host and his advisors at the boardroom meeting in which they break down the reasons that cause their failure and determine whether which team member contributed the least to the task. Hence the episode ends with the host eliminating any participant by saying, “you’re fired”.

    Why it is better to watch The Apprentice on DVD as compared to Online

    This TV reality show was telecasted over a channel BNC. It’s all episodes and seasons were directly telecasted over television while some of the people don’t really prefer to watch any show over TV. They often watch all the episodes of TV shows online or from DVD. The Apprentice is also available on both of the sources. It is available online and also in the form of a DVD set that contains all the episodes of this reality show. While watching The Apprentice on DVD set would be better than watching it online. There are some reasons that make it a better option than watching online.

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