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    NCIS, season 11: the first images that meet Gibbs and Scott Bakula 2014-3-17 22:57:46

    NCIS, season 11: the first images that meet Gibbs and Scott Bakula

    The first steps of Scott Bakula in NCIS are coming soon! Indeed, the two episodes of the series introducing the future spin off NCIS New Orleans should be disseminated on 25 March and 1 April next in the United States. The occasion to find agent Jethro Gibbs in head to head with the new kid Dwayne Pride, future hero of this spinoff potential embodied by Scott Bakula. Both will in these episodes have to investigate the murder of a member of Congress whose body was found in New Orleans. Former NCIS agent, he worked within the Fed 5, an elite group that in the early 1990s had also in his breast Jethro Gibbs and Dwayne Pride.


    In this NCIS New Orleans, Scott Bakula will be assisted by Lucas Black (Fast and Furious) and Zoe McLellan (JAG) which will embody the NCIS agents, while CCH Pounder (The Shield) will lend his face to the medical examiner of the series. If the sauce takes in these two episodes, the spin-off may then be launched and follow in the footsteps of NCIS: Los Angeles. Unless he suffers the same fate NCIS: Red, remained in the cards for not having enough seduced the audience of the series.


    It is difficult to pass after Cote de Pablo! In 8 years of presence, an unbreakable bond is created between the character of Ziva and viewers. The sudden announcement of the departure of actress last July caused a shock among fans whose consequences are still being felt today. However, in episode 9 of season 11 of NCIS, a small new will make his arrival. Its name? Emily Wickersham. It interprets the role of Ellie Bishop, analyst at the NSA, which incorporates fast team of NCIS.


    Sensitive to these criticisms, Emily Wickersham responded in an interview on the site Tvline: "for me the weaknesses of a character are really what's more interesting to play, she says. I am sure that she has some flaws like everyone else. Even if it always seems to be at the top, obviously there are weaknesses that will eventually appear. Waiting to discover the hidden face of the character of Bishop, hearings of the series in the United States are still as good, around 20 million viewers per episode.NCIS DVD is always won for Emily Wickersham.

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