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    Why does Chris Meloni, Ice T ': replace Law & Order "SVU? 2011-6-27 12:01:25

    law and order svuMaybe it's my affection for have been documented relationship with his wife. Perhaps my love for the way his character is the rare comic on Law & Order: SVU. Maybe it's the fact that his confident enough to make a ponytail too much like a rat race tail. But I can not help but wonder why, when Chris Meloni Leaves Law & Order: SVU, Ice-T's Fin Det Det Stabler can not replace.


    As a big fan of leaving Meloni Det. Stabler, I admit, whoever replaces him has big shoes to fill. He (or, well, she) needs a commanding presence on the small screen, he could prove that the procedural master, and an interesting enough character to encourage viewers vote SVU every week. But Ice-T - who has signed for two more seasons in the series - all these qualities: it is to steal scenes from his Emmy-nominated co-star time is really believable as New York detective (who have not seen most great photo shoot-out and ready, while behind a criminal, Mariska Hargitay) and would be an interesting dynamic in the show as Det introduce. Benson partner. While Stabler was the ying yang too aggressive emotional Benson, Benson and Fin would hardly work together in harmony: Many times in the past we've seen Fin criticized Benson for her, ahem, somewhat prudish ways. (Remember when he criticizes them, poo-pooing a pastime he enjoys, online porn?) We have a CSR to brutal murder after the brutal killing observed after brutal murder addresses - some new tensions in the workplace could be what the show fresh, to keep things to be desired.

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