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    Steve Carell attend there at the end of "The Office"? 2013-4-19 11:37:20

    Steve Carell attend there at the end of "The Office"?

    While the series is about to end, the mystery around the presence of Steve Carell in the finale of "The Office" thickens.

    After nine seasons of loyal service, The Office, the fake documentary about the internal life of the fictional company Dunder Mifflin, is définitvement stops at the end of the 200th episode.

    As one of the most popular sitcoms NBC plans to bow out on May 16, rumors about the involvement of the legendary Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, have constantly circulate. For its part, the producer Greg Daniels said in January the site TVLine no appearance of the former boss was not planned at this time. And it asserted itself, during an interview with Access Hollywood, a return of Michael Scott would have "no sense."

    But now rumors resurface from a direct source of NBC shows, always TVLine, the actor was present on the set a few weeks ago but said he had not shot any scene. If the main applicant does not confirm the information, it does so far more insane and casts doubt weighing for fans of the series.

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