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    Interview: Dylan Walsh, "Nip / Tuck" in "Unforgettable" 2013-2-25 1:06:14

    Interview: Dylan Walsh, "Nip / Tuck" in "Unforgettable"The former Sean McNamara series Ryan Murphy Has turned into cop in "Unforgettable," the detective series aired with Poppy Montgomery CURRENTLY on TF1. During Interview with UN Screenrush it backwards through the various TV Experience session ...

    Screenrush: IN Since "Unforgettable," It's all about memory, you certify Remember the first liver Where You HAVE read the script of the pilot?

    Dylan Walsh: Yes, absolutely! I read a lot of scripts THIS moments and I WAS THE Seeking A CHARACTER totally different than I had incarnated Que IN Nip / Tuck. I wanted to play a good guy in all respect, positive, heroic. I knew what I find AC in a project and detective series IT'S THAT Scenario unforgettable est entre My Tomb hands. Who that I liked Beyond my character, it's that it was no procedural unconventional: The Romance is very present, there is a lot of humor. I had the feeling I was going to Quebec fun Making Power fr Totally Other selected.

    And like everyone else, Have you rushed to internet pour whether Carrie's disease, heroin, really existed?

    I was really curious to understand. Who is this fun IS What I had-Meeting on Women WHICH interest based series Many years ago, and When It Is the location of flow BNO Aiguiller, she remembered me! from

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