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    Psychologist Nate will return to the "NCIS: Los Angeles" 2012-12-12 14:26:42

    Peter Cambor Nate will come back.


    The young actor Peter Cambor will return to the CBS crime show "NCIS: Los Angeles" in February next year, re-enact the psychologist Nate Getz.


    It is understood that, this episode will talke about his affairs wih dinting Hetty.


    "For Nate and Hetty fans, you must say this episode."The series executive producer Shane Brennan said."In this episode, we can not only see the Nate, but also understand that he and Hetty went undercover story.This task will be the most memorable, the most interesting one."


    Cambor was one of the regular actors in"NCIS: Los angeles" first season,but since then there have been only a few sets.He is currently starring in TBS comedy "wedding band"

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