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    Justin Bieber: Family Guy, it gets defeated! 2012-11-28 11:12:26

    Justin Bieber: Family Guy, it gets defeated!Justin Bieber does not have any easy life currently: he just got beat up in an episode of Family Guy! will show you the thing that was left of the Biebs following a punch right in the face


    Justin Bieber had a bad surprise during his concert in Toronto and he is beaten this weekend by angry husband! The poor Biebs will not see the end of the year if it continues! Do not worry girls, Justin Bieber, whose Beliebers are angry against the journalist who called him scum, did not really typed above. It is rather his cartoon character who has taken full face, and literally! While he was in his dressing room, the wife of Peter, the hero of Family Guy, asked him to drop his pants. Big misconception for Peter who joined the area during the time and Justin Bieber found himself a bloody nose considering that the husband thought he was striking his wife! Yes young ladies, guys hit it and then it believes! Anyhow, it is advisable that Justin Bieber is done beating animated version rather than true, correct? However when you consider it, which might well blame our favorite Canadian? It is excellent! Exactly what do you believe of this excerpt from Family Guy where we see Justin Bieber getting hit?

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