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    Season 4 of "Breaking Bad" will come on Arte 2012-11-19 16:05:11

    Breaking Bad5 special reasons to re-enlist for the 4th season of breaking bad, beginning this evening 22:20.

    For his anti-hero, Walter White. Exit the chemistry teacher missed: WW has completed its transformation into an apostle of evil. Need the excuse of cancer to justify manufacture methamphetamine purest West. One rule governs his new world: kill or be killed. The man is meticulous and obsessive. It is threatening or laughing like a madman. In short, it verges on failure. It is also all the time and beat the crap takes moccasins in the carpet.

    For its staging in chalk. "Breaking Bad" showrunner Vince Gilligan's dixit, is a "modern western". Sergio Leone is never far away in the composition frameworks. With camera stashed at the bottom of a barrel-diving or against a dwarf transforms into a giant. And, why not, a crossfade, a puddle of blood opaque a swig of Ketchup at the edge of a plate ...

    Regarding his despicable villain Gus Fring. He would wear a perfect yellow-colored t-shirt plus a thin chick tie dandy: the boss of fast food Pollos Hermanos can be a Los elegant. As well as brings a smile to shop qu'impavide and distressing in business. But, surprise, Gus can also be a wounded heart ... His face is a disguise of wax where almost everything goes in the eyes, which at times gets wet as that of a cocker sick. Attention, they mentioned the beast snarling.Buy Breaking Bad Seasons 1-4 DVD Boxset

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