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    NCIS Season 10 Episode 4: summary with spoilers 2012-11-5 11:25:14

    NCIS Season 10 Episode 4: summary with spoilers

    Previously on NCIS Ducky was officially reinstated at NCIS after his heart attack.

    Summary After the reappearance of three survivors of a helicopter crash, the Gibbs team is responsible for investigating the cause of the accident, knowing that the driver is still missing. Given the severity of their injuries, the three soldiers are unfit to any interrogation. But it takes more to stop Gibbs. Helped by Ducky, he introduced to the hospital and asks Joplin, one of the three survivors, whose memory is faulty.

    DiNozzo and McGee go with the agent Borin (Coast Guard) in search of the crash debris on the beach. They are threatened by Shamus Quinn, which is commercially recovered or discarded materials, which accuses him of stealing his goods. After Borin has mastered the situation, Tony and McGee return to research and discover the coprs Happ, the pilot of the helicopter, with a bullet in the head. After autopsy, Ducky concludes that survived the crash Happ original. Gibbs asked whether it was suicide but it is impossible to say.

    Borin Abby visits the garage of NCIS. The latter tells him that the bullet that killed Happ from caliber, the same caliber as the weapon has Sparks, one of the survivors of the crash. Gibbs questioned and accused of killing Happ. She defends herself by accusing Happ turn: he was depressed because of the illness of his son, he drank a lot and intentionally caused the accident. She wanted to get his gun, but did not have time.
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