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    Play By Day:Season 5 of Mad Men starts at Fox The serial transmitter 2012-9-27 11:46:28

    mad menOn Monday in Germany, the long wait is over: The fifth season of Mad Men has its premiere in Germany on FOX Channel. In the U.S., before the airing of the season for a whopping 18 months was paused.


    On Monday we finally continued: The Fox - The serial transmitter showing the fifth season of "Mad Men" as Germany Premiere. The 13 new episodes will be shown every week always from 21.45 clock. The shown in the U.S. feature-length season premiere is shown here in two parts this week and next.


    The fifth season brings some changes. In the season premiere, which is located around the Memorial Day 1966, is the 40th Birthday of "Don Draper" (Jon Hamm) on. Megan (Jessica Paré), whom he married after the application in the finale of the fourth season wants to organize a surprise party for him - nothing that would inspire the very private advertising executive.


    Meanwhile, Roger Sterling (John Slattery) tries at SCDP emerging Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) to a minimum. And Joan has given birth to a son in her mother Gail (Christine Estabrook) a committed houseguest.


    With the start of the season increased Christopher Stanley (Henry Francis), Jessica Paré (Megan Draper) and Jay R. Ferguson (Stan Rizzo) on the main cast.


    In the United States was between the fourth and the fifth season of "Mad Men" a charisma gap of nearly 18 months, was struggling in the tough inter alia, the future of the series. Since the Treaty of mastermind Matthew Weiner had run and the long-term future - including a round end - the series should be secured. It was negotiated between the parties, among other things, the budget of the series, and also the long broadcast break was an issue, as it was prescribed by the AMC channel from program planning reasons.


    The sixth season of "Mad Men" is already on firm order in the U.S, for a seventh and final season will likely corresponding preliminary contracts are negotiated, the sender can activate one side if he wants to order the Season.

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