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    Family Guy Season Finale Review: It's a Trap! 2012-11-26 11:46:38

    In the hour-long program, "season six: This is a trap," How to repeat sitcom Management Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke, Chewie, and the rest of the gang to fight the evil empire, the end of the epic story Three years of running the traditional interpretation of Star Wars. Peter suggests that we may pass through before the Cleveland show, so we may not see the final Star Wars can be imagined by Seth MacFarlane.

    Although the flight, then, Fox forced them to adhere to the completion of the trilogy that we, the audience should lower our expectations, I think they made ??an interesting keep it very well.
    Because we all know (or should know) how it went down on Star Wars, I won't bore you with the recap of the tale. Let's instead break down the finer details of the episode. I found the additional guest stars entertaining. Carter Pewterschmidt as the Emperor was nonchalant evil at its best, while we got a taste of what a Family Guy-American Dad-The Cleveland Show crossover would look like.

    With Klaus as a surprisingly fitting German General Ackbar and Tim the Bear as a dark Ewok, the new characters contributed nicely to the original cast. Of course, Meg got her usual treatment by playing Sarlaac, the wordless "worst creature in the world." Poor Meg.

    Stewie as the tiny football-shaped Darth Vader stole the show yet again with his gay jokes and non-evil non-sequitors. His interaction with the Emperor was so mundane that it made me wonder what the real Emperor and Darth Vader discussed when they ran out of ideas on how to take over the galaxy. To turn Chris/Luke over to the dark side, Stewie/Vader and Carter/Emperor mock Seth Green, who is, naturally, the voice actor for Chris.

    Another wonderful part of "It's a Trap" is how the episode managed to point out inconsistencies from the actual movie. When Chris asked Yoda who his sister is, Yoda snapped, "The only woman in the galaxy!" It's certainly a fair point: how could Luke not have figured it out by then?

    The interaction with the Ewoks are very interesting. Cute fuzzy breakthrough in the Star Wars figures caused us a lot of Family Guy characters fight. Peter sarcastically asked how they can weave her hair Leia, their weapons are in the best of the original. Meanwhile, the Ewok lovely contrast with the dark than usual and general internecine violence.

    Ewok my memory will always leave a scar, a comrade in their arms to feed the image of death. Another image, it will stick to my stripped down in the storm to their underwear, while the other one throwing Ewok warrior, montages. Full of women who know who can giggle and Emergency Unit and the Ewok body pillow fight?

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