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    "Family guy" producer "resurrection" "The Flintstones" 2012-11-26 11:45:58

    According to media reports, the television animated comedy "family guy"  producer Seth MacFarlane will bring  classic animated series "The Flintstones"  back onto the TV screen

    He and Fox TV, and the copyright owner of the Warner animated television after some complicated negotiations, finally reached an agreement: Fox TV and Warner TV from the joint production of "Flintstones," a new animated series, to start this fall , premiered on Fox in 2013.If the response is good, the film version will be put on the agenda.Cartoon "Flintstones" major said "flint" Flanders and his best friend Barney's story.

    The film's most interesting points: there are many modern tools in a primitive society , generated a lot of jokes due to reversal of the concept , this cartoon movie was made into live-action  in 1994  by Hollywood , the box office is good and then shoot the sequel.New version of "Flintstones" will add a lot of high-tech stuff, you are likely to see an iPad made of stone

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