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    Chuck: comic con tearful farewell 2011-7-28 11:42:32

    chuckAttending  this year's San Diego Comic- con has a special significance to the planners Chris Fedak and stars of Chuck, because it will be the last appearances on Comic- con major film on their behalf of the major creators of this action drama broadcasted nearly five years during the  past years .They were farewell to fans in tears in this emotional meeting.


    Backing past, the first appearance  of Chuck on the  Comic-con was in a small room ,now, has moved to one of the largest hall of the exhibition- Hall No..


    "There are few people interested  when we played the first episode of the drama, but lucky enough to get your trust ," Zachary Levi , played the title role Chuck recalled , a round of applauses  by  the presenting fans made him eyes brimmed with tears. “Indeed, retrospect now, it was really amazing.”


    The final season of Chuck will return on October 21, when the play will appear at new time of 8 o'clock Friday night on NBC television network. On the Conference, the creators told us that this season will have very, very big changes, for example, Morgan has the interconnected system. Fedak said that he knew it would be the last episode of the drama, to give the play an ends by himself makes him full of gratitude.

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