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    Desperate Housewives Seasons 1-8 DVD Box Set
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  • Party of Five The Complete Series DVD Box Set
    $33.99 $28.99
    When his parents died in a car accident, Charlie Salinger finds himself having to take care of his four brothers and sisters. But the lives of five young people without adults to help them are not easy, and they soon realize that they need to help each other and stay together to to get out of it..
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  • The Rockford Files Complete Series DVD Box Set
    $31.99 $26.99
    The cases of an easy going ex-convict turned private investigator. James Garner stars as the ex-con-turned-private-investigator who stays under the radar and takes on the cases of the lost and the dispossessed, chasing down seemingly long-dead clues in the sunbaked streets and seamy alleys of Los An...
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  • Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series DVD Box Set
    $76.99 $64.99
    Powerful robots, the Cylons reign supreme over the universe. On board the last warship, the Galactica, humans try to survive by embarking on the journey of the last chance: finding a legendary planet called Earth. Even though creator Ron Moore worked on multiple STAR TREK series, sci-fi fans expecti...
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  • Hawaii Five-O Season 9 DVD Box Set
    $37.99 $32.99
    Hawaii Five-O season 9  starts after Steve's CIA agent friend is killed. When he discovers a former Afghan companion and CIA agent washed up on the beach, McGarrett is convinced that his murder was disguised as a drowning. His investigation will lead 5-0 to other agent murders and a Chinese spy...
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  • The Invaders: The Complete Series DVD Box Set
    $37.99 $32.99
    The invaders, these strange beings from another planet. Their destination: the Earth. Their goal: to make it their world. David Vincent saw them. For him, it all began with a dark night, along a lonely country road, as he searched for a shortcut that he never found. It started with an abandoned inn ...
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  • American Horror Story Season 9 DVD Box Set
    $30.99 $25.99
    In the summer of 1984, five friends were hired as instructors at Camp Redwood. Very quickly, they discover that there is something even more terrifying than campfire stories.
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  • The Crown Season 3 DVD Box Set
    $30.99 $25.99
    Great Britain, from 1964 to 1972. Queen Elisabeyh II faces major events in British history such as the Princess Margaret Affair with Roddy Llewellyn. She sees Margaret Thatcher's political rise and Camilla Parker Bowles' introduction into the life of her son, Charles.
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  • The Handmaid's Tale Complete Seasons 1-3 DVD Box Set
    $38.99 $32.99
    In a dystopian and totalitarian society with very low birth rates, women are divided into three categories: the Bride, who dominate the house, the Marthas, who maintain it, and the Servants, whose role is reproduction.
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  • The Walking Dead Seasons 1-9 DVD Box Set
    $80.99 $68.99
    After an apocalypse that has turned almost the entire population into zombies, a group of men and women led by Officer Rick Grimes is trying to survive... Together, they will have to face this new world that has become unrecognizable, through their journey through the deep South of the United States...
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  • Stranger Things Seasons 1-3 DVD Box Set
    $35.99 $29.99
    The first season begins in November 1983. When Will Byers disappears from his home, his friends start a search full of pitfalls to find him. In their search for answers, the boys meet a strange girl on the run. The boys befriend the young girl with the number "11" on her wrist and shaved h...
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